• healthetia

    health innovations


    1st edition: March 15, 2018 starting 6.30pm CET

  • Join us as a host for a next edition

    We stream every quarter: 6 speakers, all about innovation in health

    What are the requirements

    • A nice location with Internet to stream and WiFi for the participants to interact with the presentations
    • 1 or 2 screens as we stream two tracks in parallel
    • An existing meetup or community with interest in healthcare sector
    • Minimal space for 20 participants
    • The event needs to be free of charge
    • All presentations are held in English

    What can you expect from us

    • We organize the registration, onboarding and provide you all necessary communication material
    • You get a personal landing page and an own slack channel
    • You are invited to the opening session to introduce yourself and your community
    • You are part of our conference council who decides which speakers may present

    Schedule 2018

    • March 15, 2018 starting 6.30pm CET
    • Jun 7, 2018 starting 9am CET
    • Sep 20, 2018 starting 6.30pm CET
    • Nov 29, 2018 starting 9am CET

    Join us now

    Get in contact with us, tell us more about your community and location and what edition you want to join. Apply now