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    Our speakers address the biggest challenges facing 21st-century healthcare and discuss how advances in innovation and technology will offer greater integration and collaboration.


    Outside the box: Who shapes the world of tomorrow?

  • healthetia aims to be the biggest free digital format

    If you would like to reach an interested worldwide community of healthcare professionals, marketeers, business developers, decision makers and any more: Join us as a partner!

    Why you should join us?

    We started healthetia back in November 2017 with the idea of free knowledge sharing of innovation in healthcare. By now we have >3000 members from 20 countries registered already. And getting more traction with co-organizing offline meetups.

    As a partner you will be part of our Conference Council Board, which is comprised of leading experts in disruptive technologies and healthcare. There we create relevant conference session content to give our participants the information and ideas they need to succeed in the healthcare industry.


    In addition you are part of a fast growing concept, reaching your target audience with our non-stop content flow with 5 planned editions including regular updates and replay information via our newsletter and live stream.


    Our focus

    For next year, we have 2 concepts/approaches for the conference in mind:

    1. by sector, like hospitals, pharma, insurance, care or

    2. by topic, like AR/VR, AI, blockchain


    In addition, based on your possible interest and from our community, we will start healthetia TV, a regular digital broadcast, having yourself and other experts sharing the latest insights.

    Next steps

    First of all, thanks for your interest, much appreciated!

    If you would like to get more information with all the details, please get in contact with Thomas Schulz

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    Are you looking for a fast growing community with a global reach in the healthcare sector to expand your branding and communication?

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    healthetia is the biggest health professionals network in Switzerland