• meetups and communities

    We bring our conference and international speakers to you and your community

  • Join us as a host for a next edition

    We stream every quarter: international speakers, all about innovation in health

    Organize a local meetup

    • A nice location with internet and big screen to stream and WiFi for the participants
    • An existing meetup or community
    • Minimal space for 20 participants
    • The event should be free of charge - if you believe of a possible high no-show rate, charge max 5-10 EUR/USD

    Join with your community

    • Minimal 100 members in your community
    • Interested in the topics digital health, mobile health, innovation, strategy and applications of new technologies in healthcare sector

    What can you expect from us

    • We provide you all necessary communication material
    • Your participants may interact with the presenters via eyeson once they registered for the webinar
    • All presentations are held in English

    Schedule 2018

    • Oct 4, 2018 starting 6pm CET
    • Nov 29, 2018 starting 6pm CET
  • Where you can join us

    Join us now in the various communities worldwide in your city to connect and watch our live stream.

    Cubo Health

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Cubo is the largest Entrepreneurship Hub in Brazil. Cubo Health, sponsored by DASA, Latin America's largest medical diagnostic group, hosts Healthcare, Biotech and Life Sciences Startups.

    Women in Digital Health

    Zurich, Switzerland

    We met at the buzzing Hiltl Sihlpost in Zurich and got the ball rolling with introductions and an insightful discussion on our individual expectations and requests for the evening and the community in general. Setting clear goals and intentions for the community ensures that it develops in ways that will benefit all members.

    STEM 4 Health NYC/N

    New York, USA

    Dedicated to the community of life sciences technologists, digital health startups, biotech startups, students, developers, technologists, scientists, biologists, bioinformaticians, data analysts, business intelligence analysts, designers, social media networkers, freelancers, established companies, institutes or organizations, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, essentially anyone interested in life sciences, healthcare technologies and related businesses, with stakeholders in the healthcare system.

    East Bay Bio Network

    Livermore, CA (USA)

    We aim to bring together professionals working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The East Bay is not only home to many biotech companies, but also is a home for our families. EBBN is committed to providing networking opportunities in the East Bay, from Alameda to Livermore.


    Madrid, Spain

    Networking sobre tecnologías aplicadas a la salud y entorno digital: salud 2.0, aplicaciones, wearables, telemedicina, juegos de salud, etc. Participa la Asociación de Investigadores de eSalud (aiesalud.com). Profesionales de la salud interesados en nuevas tecnologías, desarrolladores interesados en la salud, gestores sanitarios abiertos a la innovación, cualquier persona que tenga algo que aportar a la eSalud podrá compartir ideas y experiencias y se enterará de las actividades que organicemos.

    STEM 4 Health Zagreb

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Na STEM 4 Health & AgTech meetup-u uz ležernu atmosferu bavimo se ozbiljnim pitanjima. Zanimaju nas inovacije, medicina, znanost, tehnologije i srodna područja. Želimo međusobno povezati zdravstvene startupove, agroindustriju, biotehnologe, studente, programere, tehnologe, znanstvenike, biologe, bioinformatičare, analitičare, dizajnere, kao i slobodne profesionalce, tvrtke i institucije zainteresirane za LIFE science, poljoprivredu, zdravstvene tehnologije i srodne teme u Hrvatskoj.