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    Challenges and Opportunities in access to data

    Rotem Lev-Zwickel
    Co-Founder & COO Agamon

    I would like to discuss the challenges of access to clinical data today and the opportunity we saw @Agamon with our innovative solution to facilitate seamless access to data for R&D purposes.

    Health Wars - Rise of the Clinical UX

    Dr Gyles Morrison
    Director and Clinical UX

    In a galaxy not far away at all (you live in it after-all), billions of dollars are being wasted on new digital solutions that are not fit for purpose, in the hope of improving health provision for all. Many powerful people are oblivious to the wastage and believe all is well. There are funding cuts left, right and centre, as well as the wrong problems being solved with the wrong solutions.

    A new breed of warrior is needed to fight the good fight, bridging the gap between the clinical and IT worlds. Enter the Clinical User Experience (UX) professional, or Clinical UXer for short.

    During this talk, Dr Gyles Morrison will discuss his experiences of career transition for clinicians in to digital health, and the role that clinicians have on the future of global healthcare.

    Help people to manage their own health

    Christian Rebernik

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Vivy - Your Digital Health Companion

    People today expect transparency and control. For health this requires patient empowerment. This requires the industry to work together and creating a connected ecosystem. Vivy helps by creating an open platform to exchange data. For the patient Vivy is an electronic health record with a health assistant enabling you to retrieve your health data, understand and use it.

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