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    2nd edition: June 7, 2018

  • GDPR; Women in Health; Patient Engagement

    Connecting >3200 participants from over 20 countries. And a great support from our partners!

  • Panel with our presenters and closing

    Learn about the speakers of our 2nd edition

    GDPR and Health Applications

    Jovan Stevovic
    CEO at Chino.io

    Jovan will talk about how GDPR compliance and other privacy regulations affect health application developers’ life and startup journey. Privacy and security are fundamental aspects for digital health applications, yet according to studies performed in the last 3 years more than 80% of health applications suffer some of privacy or security related issues.

    In his talk, Jovan will try to analyze what are the main challenges for health app developers, what is the GDPR contribution on this, and he will try to give some hints on technologies, tools and tips and tricks to developers to solve privacy and security challenges.

  • Patient engagement requires trust, privacy respect and data exchange for a value back

    Evelina Georgieva
    CBDO & Co Founder at Pryv

    We believe privacy reflects the ability to share and manage sensitive personal data with awareness. This data is the key to unlocking life-changing solutions. In today’s world, the patient plays a pivotal role in innovation. Patients who are aware that their data is a valuable asset that can change lives are more willing to share their personal information.


    Pryv makes it possible for healthcare organisations to compliantly and process the data they collect by providing a reliable software that allows to build a relationship of trust with their patients. This mutual trust results in greater data input and more material for personalised healthcare, Medical IoT adoption and early diagnosis of diseases.

  • Changing healthcare for women with personalized action plans treated on an holistic way

    Helena Torras
    B-wom CEO & co-founder

    We are living longer, and we need to live healthier" that's the key to understand the change of mindset that B-wom is proposing to women: Let's focus on prevention, and taking control of our bodies. And they focus on women because on 80% of families, it is women who take decisions around health. If we want to make an impact in the whole society, we have to start with women.


    B-wom provides with personalized preventative care plans to women making it easy and accessible to women to improve their health every day at the same time that they are breaking taboos and empowering women to feel more confident"