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    AI, Robotics, Blockchain are transforming healthcare.

    Who shapes the world of tomorrow?

  • Join our Conference Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board is comprised of leading experts in disruptive technologies and healthcare. You work with us to create relevant conference session content to give our participants the information and ideas you need to succeed in the healthcare industry.

    healthetia aims to be the biggest free digital format

    We started healthetia back in November 2017 with the idea of free knowledge sharing of innovation in healthcare. By now we have >3000 members from 20 countries registered already. And getting more traction with co-organizing offline meetups.


    We would like your view, experience and passion helping us to organize 5 editions in 2019: 3 speakers, talking about how they change healthcare by using new technologies and concepts to transform. Plus: panel with the speakers to close the conference.

    What you can do for us? 

    Working/reviewing our Concept 2019 (see below), connecting with possible speakers, moderate an expert panel, reach out to possible partners.


    What we can do for you? 

    You are an official member of our council, promoting you on our conference advisory board.

    By now we can't pay salaries or financial rewards.

    Happy to discuss what else we can do for you.

    Concept 2019

    For next year, we have 2 concepts/approaches for the conference in mind:

    1. by sector, like hospitals, pharma, insurance, care or

    2. by topic, like AR/VR, AI, blockchain


    In addition, based on interest from our community and partners, we will start healthetia TV, a regular digital broadcast, having one expert.

    Next steps

    First of all, thanks for your interest, much appreciated!


    If you would like to contribute, best get in contact with Thomas

    We have our meetup organizers and yourself united in our slack community.

    Invitation on the way, once all cleared.

    It's planned to have an e-kickoff in Oct 2018, getting our board in one room.

  • healthetia.

    All about projects, ideas and products transforming healthcare. Connecting business people. Online and offline.

    healthetia focuses on an overview and knowledge exchange, emphasizing the business side. Without the hassle of travelling. A true digital experience. Join online or at your local community in various cities worldwide. Exchange with experts worldwide.
    All this for free.