• Our Conference Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board is comprised of leading experts in disruptive technologies and healthcare. They work with us to create relevant conference session content to give our participants the information and ideas they need to succeed in the healthcare industry.

  • Digi-Bridges, Founder, Managing Director & Digital Strategist in Healthcare

    Christine K Jacob


    Co-Founder & CBDO pryv.com; Personal Data & Privacy, Managed.

    Georgieva Evelina


    Bart Collet


    PhD, Research Director National Research Council of Italy: Science & Technology Foresight  Information & Control 4 Systems Biology & Precision Medicine @ IEIIT Associate Editor Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

    Diego Ettore Liberati


    Thiago Julio, MD


    Healthcare Futurist; If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    Ruben de Neef


    Co-Founder,  Chief Legal and Business Advisor

    Michelle Katz


    Founder healthbank; I present regularly on the business of blockchain technology in healthcare & life sciences, open health data innovation, healthtech entrepreneurship and the growing relevance of telemonitoring for the consumer at life sciences and healthcare events in the US and EMEA.  I also actively advise both public and private sector entities on emerging healthcare technologies.

    Michael Dillhyon


    Founder & Managing Director, healthetia is a one-of-a-kind conference format, so I'd be honoured to be on the AB and share my passion for healthcare topics, digital health & the start-up world, Years of experience in the healthcare system (hospital and health insurance, as well as pharma from the consulting side), working with digital health start-ups and NPOs, wide and international business network, co-lead of "Women in Digital Health", 	Patient empowerment and data ownership will be key drivers of healthcare transformation

    Sunjoy Mathieu

    Carole Wildhagen, MD


    MD & Co-Founder Research2Guidance at Research2Guidance - The Mobile App Strategy Company

    Markus Pohl


    INTERIM MANAGER u VERWALTUNGSRAT aus Leidenschaft; Forum Gesundheit Luzern, SVS - Schweizerische Vereinigung der Spitaldirektorinnen und Spitaldirektoren

    Henri A Schmid


    Elizabeth Chee


    Health Marketing Enthusiast: I represent the german hospital market as a key opinion leader in the digital discourse	If we change the conditions in which health succeeds, the health relationships change.

    Frank Stratmann


    Abayomi Durojaye